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Our Vision

At Vibrational Quantum Bioenergetics, we believe that true well-being is achieved through the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Our advanced virtual therapies use quantum frequencies to create a holistic healing experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our therapy is designed to help you embrace the transformative power of vibrational quantum bioenergetics, so you can live a balanced and vital life.

Meet Your Therapist

An expert in Vibrational Quantum Bioenergetics and passionate about helping you achieve balance and vitality in your life. 

Elena Samperio - Vibrational Quantum Bioenergetics therapist

Elena Samperio

Vibrational Quantum Bioenergetics Therapist

Elena’s career as a Vibrational Quantum Bioenergetics (VQB) Therapist is deeply rooted in a personal narrative of hope and resilience. Her exploration into VQB began in the aftermath of a family crisis, when her older brother sustained a severe traumatic brain injury from a car accident. Facing a daunting prognosis and his prolonged coma, Elena was driven to seek out healing alternatives beyond traditional medicine.

With this new found energy and mindset, Elena's academic path led her to certifications and studies in:


  • Biomagnetics Pair Therapy; Bioenergetic Medical Center Ashaika

  • Vibrational Magnetic Bioenergy Levels 1,2,3,4

  • Kinesiology

  • Biomagnetic Pair Symbiosis

  • Holistic Therapy; Holoacademia School

  • Biodecoding; Enrick Corbera Institute 


Her discovery of VQB therapy was a turning point. This approach, grounded in the principles of restoring the body’s natural equilibrium, resonated with Elena due to its emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction. It offered a different path.

After several days of Elena and her family using alternative methods to treat her brother, they were overjoyed when he regained consciousness. This remarkable recovery in her brother's condition strengthened Elena's confidence in the effectiveness of non-traditional healing practices.


Today, her practice is a blend of professional knowledge and personal experience, shaped by a steadfast commitment to the well-being of her clients. Elena's approach is evolutionary in its integration of various bioenergetic therapies, aiming to catalyze lasting change and improved health for those she works with.

Elena's practice has reached beyond the confines of her local community, touching lives across the globe. With over 150 satisfied clients from around the world, her reputation as a skilled VQB Therapist has grown through word of mouth and the undeniable results of her therapy. Her clients, diverse in background but united in their search for healing, have found in Elena's methods a newfound sense of balance and wellness.

The success stories range from subtle shifts in wellbeing to dramatic health recoveries, each adding to the tapestry of her international clientele. This global reach not only speaks to the universal appeal of Elena’s therapeutic approach but also underscores the connective power of shared healing experiences. Her work continues to draw individuals seeking holistic and non-invasive treatments, further cementing her position as a respected practitioner in the field of VQB therapy.

Elena Samperio - Diploma
Elena Samperio - Diploma
Elena Samperio - Diploma
Elena Samperio - Diploma
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